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Welcome to Dr. Matthew Boes’s ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation video series. This video is designed to help maximize your recovery following ACL reconstruction surgery. The goals of our Phase 5 program for ACL reconstruction rehabilitation are to continue strengthening and to start plyometric and agility training in anticipation for returning to sports and functional training. This phase should be conducted at month four following surgery. Remember the following as you engage in Phase 5 ACL reconstruction rehabilitation exercises:

Warm up for 5 minutes (over 20 yards)
Continue exercise 3-4 times per week; 1-2 sets of 20 reps as tolerated
Exercises can also be done for timed duration (ex: start 30-second period and progress to 60-seconds)
Okay to switch up exercises in certain groups (ex: PLYOMETRIC) – try 4-5 exercises one session and a different 4-5 exercises in the next session, etc.
Cross training: Include 15 – 30 minutes of jogging, elliptical, or bike at end of rehab session to improve cardiovascular endurance
This program involves no special equipment and the majority of the exercises can easily be conducted at home (a jump mat or yoga mat may be helpful, as well as some light dumbbells as you progress with strengthening; a stopwatch or timer can be used for many exercises)
It is important to perform all exercises on both legs – this will help prevent imbalance between the rehab and non-rehab knee

The following ACL plyometric and agility exercises, which are demonstrated in this video, should be conducted during phase 5 of your ACL reconstruction rehab:

Warm-up – fast feet
Warm-up – forward skip
Warm-up – backward skip
Warm-up – side skip
Warm-up – 3 step diagonals
Warm-up – back pedals
Strength – forward lunge walk
Strength – lateral lunge walk
Strength – single leg squat, alternatinG
Strength – power step up
Balance – step and hold
Balance – Single leg balance and toe touch
Balance – pop hops
Balance – toe touch pluS
Balance – toe taps – back, front, side; then no tap
Plyometric – Box jumps double leg (1’ progress to 2’)
Plyometric – Double leg line jumps – forward
Plyometric – double leg line jumps – lateral
Plyometric – double leg line jumps – front / back
Plyometric – double leg line jumps – side /side
Plyometric – double leg jump/rotate/hold
Plyometric – single leg leap and land
Plyometric – long jump, double leg land, back pedal
Plyometric – squat, jump, lunge
Plyometric – Single leg hops – 4 for heighT
Plyometric – single leg hops – 4 for distance
Agility – Figure 8 forward
Agility – figure 8 Face forward
Agility – figure 8 cariocas
Agility – high knee, side shuffle, high knee
Agility – 4 corner drill #1
Agility – 4 corner drill #2
Agility – T drill
Cross-training – Bike
Cross training – elliptical and running
Core – planks
Core – V sit and stretch
Core – V sit and twist
Core – chopping
Core – diagonals

Icing is very important after each therapy session, so be sure to place an ice pack or cooling pad on the affected shoulder for 10 minutes to help limit any irritation from exercise. If the affected joint is stiff, try using moist heat for 10 minutes prior to exercise to help loosen things up.

This is a comprehensive program involving strength, balance, plyometric, agility, cardio and core exercises. You will likely find yourself in much better shape in terms of strength and balance after completing the entire six-phase program. This video should not be used as a substitute for regular physical therapy visits and guidance from your physician. Only progress from one phase to the next based on recommendation from your physician. Most therapy regimens, particularly after ACL reconstruction surgery, are based on a healing timeline. Progressing too quickly, even though it may feel okay at first, may put you at risk for injury. Regular physical therapy visits are valuable for giving you feedback on your progress and helping to ensure you are doing exercises properly. If you develop any questions or concerns regarding your condition while using this video, contact your physician. Best of luck in your recovery from your ACL reconstruction.
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